Saturday, March 23, 2013

Master of Miasma

The Multiverse review of Master of Miasma by Poppet

This is a WOW! adventure into Norse legend brought to life in our current age. Meet the Raven clan, go into battle with Eagles, know the enemy in the wings as Wolf, and delve through snow and forest into a mountain enclave created from the wonderful imagination of author Poppet.

Meet Emma, who finds her true self and destiny when she is taken to a safe place by Macala…and Macala, reader, is definitely worthy of discovery, a delectable, powerful being with a moral code and a romantic streak. He takes on the task of bringing Emma into the fold, to teach her about her true past…and sparks fly indeed.

Master of Miasma isn’t merely a great tale and, make no mistake, it is a great one. Beyond the story is fantastic imagery, every line is poetry, and the plot is cleverly woven. Ancient legends and magical spaces and objects of power and imagination takes one from page to page actually holding one’s breath. The Book of Life revealed in Master of Miasma is to die for, if you’ll excuse the pun. How I wish we (us humans) possessed such a magical thing, sigh. This is a brilliant and beautiful read, as if one’s soul recognises a past time of pure enchantment.  This is profound…and it’s also an adventure to get lost with.

I cannot wait to read what comes next. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!

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