Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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Cover Reveal: The Drowned Throne

Multiverse Review: Ascend in IUS

Another brilliant and imaginative work from Poppet!

Well…wow! Poppet’s vivid imagination leaps off every page here! A decidedly paranormal type romance that keeps you flipping pages.

Choose you colourful drink…and ascend the stairs into another realm! Your choice of drink determines destination- don’t you just LOVE that! Some serious eye candy in Shane, the hero of the night who comes to the rescue of a damsel in distress…

A must read. Poppet fans won’t think twice…and if this is your first time reading Poppet, you will be a fan after!

Yes, Multiverse gives IUS 5 stars!

In the deep places

Flower of Life

Monday, June 10, 2013

Multiverse Review: Twisted Tails

From my publishers, this awesome read!

The title of this anthology is apt, for these are twisted tails indeed, each different, each surprising. Well done to every contributor for creating an intriguing read, and well done Wild Wolf for putting it together for the rest of us to enjoy.

Here’s a quick take of each ‘tail’:

Gabby by Rod Glenn: A lesson to all men!
Stormy Weather by Jo Reed: Beware the man who says he’ll make the sun shine just for you
The Voice by Kevin Tomsett: No getting away from the voice, even when you think it silenced
Cooking Without Onions by CW Lovatt: A warped outlook on marriage
Klingsor’s First Summer by NA Randall: Don’t trust the big talkers!
Mad Mary by Tony Wright: Boys will be boys…until time catches them
Freedom’s Wings by CW Lovatt: You’ll be mesmerized by the masterful spliff rolling…!
In Nomine Patris by Poppet: How the Word is twisted and betrayed- remember, forgiveness is earned
The Rat-catcher by Scott Stanford: A father tries to save money and loses more than he bargained for
Scato – Illogical by AJ Kirby: Oh…crap!!!!
Sceptres de Délicatesse by Poppet: Touché! Life’s a bitch!
Waiting… by Ricki Thomas: Be very careful where you smoke, someone may be watching
Best of Show by Asher Wismer: Roses and death, a powerful little story
Happy Now? by David Rogers: A final solution to unhappiness
Everything Must Go by Kirsty Neary: Junkies looking for a fix? Or something more? Love the colloquial language!
Handling Snakes by IS Paton: A twist in the snake’s tale!
DEAR MRS. BURTON… by Giles Richard Ekins: *shiver* my computer knowing the truth before I do would really creep me out!
New Beginning by Troy Lambert: A tale of perseverance and hope despite terrible odds
Preacher Man by IS Paton: Wow, beware the fanatical!
Semana de Fuego by Jacob Rayne: It’s Fire Week, when the locals burn idols…but that fire cooks up something too tasty…
The Study in Blue by Jo Reed: Revenge is sweet…pea!
The Room by Mark Sinclair: Be very careful of what you wish for…
The Trojan Curse by Poppet: Get them from the inside! Gender war with a twist…

Definitely worth reading, deserving each one of five stars! A gasp, a grin, a head scratch, a snort…yes, chances are, you will react in some manner! 

Dream Amulets

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Multiverse Review: Master of Umbra

Master of Umbra

Blown away! That’s what I am after reading Master of Umbra! The second book in the Valhalla series is just brilliant, and I thought it couldn't get better after reading Master of Miasma (book 1). Let nothing take away from book 1, though, because it sets the scene needed for Umbra to work as well as it does and you have to read it first.

Ewan, Eagle clan chief, possesses the kind of strength that drives a story, and yet has an astounding moral core one completely falls for (astounding, because, come on, he’s meant to be a berserker!!!).  Yes, reader, you will LOVE Ewan! And you will wonder a bit about his side-kick Gunn…

Deliah has a terrible past and is lost until the Eagle clan brings her into the fold, but, boy, does she cause waves to rise and crash against those walls of darkness and muscle!

When Emma and Macala from Miasma join with the larger-than-life characters in Umbra, know sparks are about to become infernos. The Eagles and Ravens are kin…can they work together to defeat the real enemy, the Wolf clan???

You will love the ancient legends and histories brought to life, and the amazing and imaginative settings. Mostly, in my opinion, you will love the author’s brilliant imagery; this is poetry on every page.

The answer lies in Master of Skadi…and I cannot wait to find out what happens!

5 stars! Well deserved. 5 stars for the entire series! Well done, Poppet!

Building with Imagination

Multiverse Review: Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall

Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall

In Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall, Poppet outdoes herself! This is a fairy-tale with a difference. Definitely for adults, it still retains the elements of a child’s tale, such as talking creatures, quests and adventure – and every adult loves it, no matter how old and jaded! Love the old language, the ancient concepts, and there is something strange at every turn.

This has an ‘old’ feel and is also very otherworldly, while time as a concept is toyed with. A strangeness, a darkness, and one is hooked. It's punchy, as tales of this nature should be - perfect!

The moment I read about the scribe with no arms, I began thinking of the dilemmas writers face daily and when Anne tries to find the story behind the myth, the importance of words, voices and tales become evident. There are lessons here, but read Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall first because it’s an excellent tale…and then delve them hidden messages!

Worth every moment spent reading it! 5 stars!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Multiverse Review: That Morning After

That Morning After
by Janus Gangi


Janus does it again! That Morning After is a short(ish) story about Nicky, a woman recovering from her past, including divorce, and decides to try online dating sites…with some consequences!

This is a well-balanced read and the author delves into the mind of her main character with great skill and finesse. We, the readers, quickly identify and desire to find out what comes next….the mark of a really good narrative, in my opinion.

Weaved in is the reality of city life, the dangers of online dating, the smell of books in a bookshop, the sun and colours of Italy, the change that comes after mortality is left behind…oooh, you have to read it!

That Morning After is a vampire story with a difference, folks, and well worth it. There are so much of them vamp tales out there, that it’s hard to stand out, but Janus Gangi concentrates of emotions and situations and people and their problems until it becomes a vamp tale with real depth. And it’s short enough to entice you, while being long enough to satisfy you!

Loved it! And will definitely read the next instalment!

Multiverse Review: Blood Tide

Blood Tide
by Edward Parker

I don’t usually read horror or watch the movies, because I find the horror overdone and silly (and often boring)and while blood doesn’t worry me, the sheer amount spilled in these tales can be a little extreme- so much, it becomes mundane. It was thus with some trepidation that I delved into Blood Tide for my reading club.

Blood Tide is well structured and written (the few errors in narrative could be overlooked) and as a horror story works very well. I saw it as a movie, I must admit, as I read on. I could see the scenes playing out in my head and believe Blood Tide could make quite the movie for those who enjoy the genre. Well done then to Edward Parker, because it means the story works.

A good move on the author’s part was to cause the reader to care about the characters…before they got eaten! A bit of ‘Noooo!’ from the gut, when one hoped this one would survive. Brief sketches of normal lives before it all goes to hell certainly drives the story onward and brings on the hope of a resolution to this ancient monster of the deep’s killing spree.

Blood Tide, in my opinion, is a light read, an interesting setting and situation manipulated into something extreme, and it would be a good genre movie, but it has little depth and the final confrontation between Jim and Malcolm in the attic of a drowning school is somewhat unsatisfying, although I’m hard-pressed to figure out how else the author could have resolved it.

Read for light entertainment if you’re a horror fan.

Worlds of the Medaillon XXVIII

To dream