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Dialogue with Rayne's mother

Rayne’s mother

(After checking her notes, Blue found a parallel in her interviews in Galilan. The place she interviewed Rees after annihilation was also the place she spoke briefly with an older woman before the destruction of the city and after the soltakin commenced the campaign of terror. She swiftly deduced she had had words with Rees and Rayne’s mother and was thus one of the last to have seen her alive)

Blue: My lady, you should be indoors. It isn’t safe.

Rayne’s mother: Can’t call anywhere safe, my dear. Walls and closed doors will not stop those fiends.

Blue: Lady, is there someone with you? Your children?

Rayne’s mother: Essie from next door. We keep each other company through everything good and bad. My children have their own lives…my daughter gallivants in the country as if she’s a spoilt rich girl and my son flits everywhere trying to be Valaris’ saviour…forgive me, I find I’m disappointed that they saw fit to…to…

Blue: Abandon you?

Rayne’s mother: Forgive me, no. Rees is a good girl and will be here as soon as she can. And Rayne … well, Rayne is what he is, isn’t he? How dare I deny that? How dare I deny our people his abilities?

Blue: My lady, where is Rayne now?

(The woman unfortunately returned indoors then, perhaps realising she had revealed too much. Blue has not discovered her name, and there is no image on record of Rayne’s mother)

*updated to reflect the edits and re-publish of the Lore of Arcana series*

Dialogue with Rees


(Blue spoke to many Valarians in the week following the drowning and destruction of Galilan, Valaris’ capital city. After, when she collated her notes, she realised she had spoken to Rain’s sister)

Blue: Hello! Forgive the interruption, but I’m moving from plot to plot informing people where to find food and fresh water. Have you been told?

Rees: You’re welcome. Come closer. We’re aware of the relief centres, yes, but I overheard others asking…you’d have to keep moving and keep asking.

Blue: I’ll do so. ‘We’? You have others with you? Are you coping?

Rees: A friend and her husband stay with me…my m-mother didn’t…we found her in the cellar with…sorry.

Blue: I’m sorry, too. What’s your name?

Rees: Rees…yes, after the priest.

Blue: Ha! Who named you? I’m guessing your father.

Rees: Yes! And my brother Rain still teases me about it!

Blue: Where is he? Will he be joining you? Um, do you know if he…?

Rees: Rain was here earlier, thank God. He’s fine, doing his thing. What’s your name?

Blue: Blue…but don’t ask me why! I’m only glad it isn’t ‘Green’ or ‘Pink’!

Rees: I’ll bet! And do you have somewhere to stay in all this?

Blue: I do, thank you…it will get better, I hope you know that. Sooner than we can believe right now.

Rees: I hope so. Thanks. I suppose you must be on your way. Good to meet you, and good luck.

Blue: Luck to you also.

Netherworld Ice

It's all hot air II

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Little Flying Machines

Whisper Scream

Review: Indigo Vamporium

Indigo Vamporiun by Poppet

Have you read Poppet’s work? Then you’ll know why I jumped at the opportunity to read Indigo Vamporium!  

In IV we meet Seithe as a teenager and discover what drives him to become the super-being he is, half-vampyre, half-angel. Here we find a more ‘innocent’ side to Seithe and his siblings, but don’t be fooled: there’s darkness and power and the supernatural and all those factors that serve to underscore Poppet’s work.  Seithe and his kind seek love from humans- salvation for vampyres- and when he meets Tasmin…well, I’d love to explain it all, but won’t reveal more…

IV is set in beautiful Cape Town and Poppet uses stunning Long Beach, the mystery of Tokai forest and the majesty of Table Mountain to great effect as the backdrops for Seithe coming to grips with his power in order to shoulder his responsibilities.  As a Capetonian I have to admit I particularly enjoyed these nuances.
I also enjoyed reading about the Flying Dutchman, a local ghost ship legend we Capetonians simply love holding forth about, and the ninjen we learn about in IV will have you tapping into your search engines. Are they myth or not???

Now forget setting and legends…and delve into Poppet’s brilliant imagination for action, romance and emotion, and vanish for a time from the world.

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Indigo Vamporium (heads-up!)

Indigo Vamporium by Poppet

I have read and reviewed this (how lucky am I?), and will post my review tomorrow after the Kindle edition goes live! 

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Face your fear

True Beauty

Mourning Sky by PD Allen (Review)

Mourning Sky

I couldn't wait to read this, the final book in the trilogy Under Shattered Skies. Murderer’s Sky set us on a path to destruction, while Daemon Sky opened our eyes to the unseen forces that lurk around. And now it is time for the showdown in Mourning Sky…and it is quite the showdown!

I really don’t want to give it away (go forth and read it!), but will reveal the Reverend Chassey and his army of the ‘faithful’ is sufficient to give one the shivers…but he isn’t alone in his dark intent. As the atmosphere explodes and the stars bleed blood, the townspeople of Heater rise up and surrender to the darkness within. Heater burns and everywhere terrible death and suffering manifests, at the behest of Martin Ross and the archetype possessing him. And a boy paints the future, every curl and line he makes upon paper creating it in reality, spurring on the spread of evil.

But there is also hope. Good people step forward, among them young Kevin, who hopes to rescue his friend, and the sheriff, who hopes to rescue his town. A woman and her newborn hold the key to reviving the earth, while Father Albert Hayne steps into his true destiny, playing his fiddle to haunting results.

The earth mourns as the sky weeps. Is this the end of humankind? And that is as much as I’ll say about the story, but I must add this: loved it, brilliant, a fantastic read, a fitting end! Your turn- read it!