Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Multiverse Review: Satanarium

By Troy Lambert and Poppet

Holy Hades! This is quite the read! An insane cult of bible-pushing bastards bent on ‘saving’ the sinners out there, with extreme emphasis on women as the ultimate Satan.

It’s graphic and violent, and every page causes a gut reaction. This is the literal Word, and as you read you wonder if you’ll be the same in the aftermath. 

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, and certainly not for the narrow-minded. Read it only if you dare, if you are able to see around the corners of curves, if you are prepared for total onslaught! 

This reader is awed by the knowledge of the bible displayed by the writers- this is clever work, a well-structured tale of torture and manipulation that certainly makes you think. The author notes at the end of Satanarium gift readers some food for further thought also!  

Well done to the writers for daring this, because it’s bound to be controversial … but don’t you just love a bit of controversy??!!

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